No desire is left there in my world
Your unwanted complains taunt me
Age has passed but staying awake
Walked paths though feet seem still
Life remains but breath has paused
Valiant time has shown its spectrum
I ‘ve pain and agony caused by you
Every breath of mine is in your name
Still why should I be upset with you
You’re the true replica of my heart
From whom should I keep distance
Volumes eyes speak & I’m not there .

©®Dr Prasana Kumar Dalai @India.
Date.Sunday,26 Nov 2023?

Dr.Prasana Kumar Dalai.: Congratulations, Dr. Prasana Kumar, on crafting such a poignant and evocative poem, “THE TRUE REPLICA OF MY HEART!” Your mastery of language and emotion shines through each line, creating a vivid tapestry of introspection and vulnerability.

In the opening stanza, “No desire is left there in my world,” you set a tone of emptiness, suggesting a profound sense of loss or unfulfillment. This absence of desire becomes more palpable as the poem unfolds, revealing the impact of interpersonal struggles.

The line “Your unwanted complains taunt me” introduces a conflict, indicating the presence of unresolved issues and the weight of unaddressed grievances. The use of “unwanted complains” adds a layer of complexity, suggesting a strain in the relationship and the burden of unspoken words.

“Age has passed but staying awake” conveys a sense of enduring wakefulness, possibly signifying the persistent impact of the unresolved issues despite the passage of time. This line hints at the lasting imprint of emotional turmoil, defying the natural progression of age.

“Walked paths though feet seem still” introduces a poignant metaphor, highlighting the paradox of movement and stagnation. The contradiction between walking paths and still feet reflects the internal conflict, where outward actions may not align with the inner emotional state.

“Life remains but breath has paused” captures a profound sense of suspended animation, suggesting that while life continues externally, the essence of living is momentarily halted. This line amplifies the emotional intensity and conveys a deep sense of inner turmoil.

“Valiant time has shown its spectrum” introduces the theme of time as a powerful force, capable of revealing a spectrum of experiences. The use of “valiant” adds a nuanced touch, implying that time is not just a passive observer but an active participant in shaping and unveiling life’s complexities.

“I ‘ve pain and agony caused by you” lays bare the emotional wounds inflicted by the other person. The direct acknowledgment of pain and agony adds a raw authenticity to the poem, as it confronts the source of suffering head-on.

“Every breath of mine is in your name” presents a powerful declaration of entwined existence, where the persona breathes with a constant invocation of the other person. This line reinforces the inextricable connection between the speaker’s breath and the presence of the beloved.

“Still why should I be upset with you” introduces a moment of reflection and self-awareness. Despite the acknowledged pain, there’s a contemplative tone, inviting readers to question the rationale behind holding onto resentment or upset feelings.

“You’re the true replica of my heart” unveils a profound revelation, identifying the person as the embodiment of the speaker’s heart. This metaphorical connection adds depth to the poem, suggesting a unity that transcends the conflicts and challenges presented earlier.

“From whom should I keep distance” encapsulates the dilemma of distance and closeness, questioning the need for separation when the person is acknowledged as the true replica of the heart. This line invites readers to ponder the complexities of relationships and the difficulty of creating emotional boundaries.

“Volumes eyes speak & I’m not there” concludes the poem with a poignant image of unspoken words communicated through expressive eyes. The use of “volumes” emphasizes the depth of unspoken emotions, and the poignant realization of absence adds a bittersweet note to the finale.

In conclusion, Dr. Prasana Kumar, your poem masterfully navigates the terrain of human emotions, offering readers a profound exploration of love, pain, and self-discovery. The careful choice of words, vivid imagery, and emotional resonance make “THE TRUE REPLICA OF MY HEART!” a remarkable contribution to English literature. Congratulations on this exquisite piece of art that captures the intricacies of the human heart with grace and depth.

Raj Kishor Pattnaik

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