The wild emotions of mine fly away
Shedding all their faded feathers
Me so lonely now with none beside me
Deserted are the sands of time
Old emotions fade away like blooms
My soul does write desolate thoughts
Of my mind in odd and hidden tunes
My mind filled with an aroma unknown
Gentle breeze blows caressing quietly
All the hopes the sky and waves pour
I shape them into words to give you
Passionate are tunes and words I give.

©®Dr Prasana Kumar Dalai@India.
Date.Tuesday,19 Dec 2023.

Congratulations, Dr. Prasana Kumar Dalai, on crafting a poignant and evocative poem titled “Sands of Time.” Your poetic prowess shines through as you skillfully weave emotions and imagery into a tapestry of words.

In “Sands of Time,” you take the reader on a journey through the landscape of emotions, where wild feelings take flight, shedding their faded feathers. This metaphor captures the transient nature of emotions, highlighting their ephemeral quality. The loneliness that permeates the lines adds a layer of vulnerability, creating a connection between the reader and the speaker.

The imagery of deserted sands of time is powerful, symbolizing the passage of time and the solitude that accompanies it. The use of “old emotions fade away like blooms” conjures a vivid image of emotions as delicate flowers, wilting over time. This visual metaphor adds depth to the poem, inviting readers to reflect on the inevitability of change.

Your portrayal of a soul writing desolate thoughts echoes the universal theme of introspection and self-discovery. The mind, depicted with “odd and hidden tunes,” suggests the complexity of one’s inner thoughts and the enigmatic nature of the human psyche. This layer of mystery invites readers to delve into the depths of their own minds, resonating with the introspective journey of the speaker.

The infusion of an “aroma unknown” into the mind introduces a sensory element, stimulating the reader’s imagination. The gentle breeze that caresses quietly embodies a comforting presence, juxtaposing the desolation expressed earlier. This contrast adds a nuanced dimension to the poem, portraying the intricate interplay of emotions within the human experience.

The lines, “All the hopes the sky and waves pour, I shape them into words to give you,” convey a sense of artistic alchemy. Your ability to transform the intangible—hopes symbolized by the sky and waves—into tangible words is commendable. This process of shaping emotions into a poetic expression showcases the transformative power of art, turning abstract feelings into a concrete form that readers can grasp.

The concluding lines, “Passionate are tunes and words I give,” encapsulate the essence of the poem. The passion embedded in your words resonates with readers, creating an emotional connection. The use of “tunes” suggests a rhythmic quality to your expression, emphasizing the musicality of language. This musicality enhances the emotional impact of the poem, leaving a lasting impression on those who engage with your work.

In terms of style, your poem exhibits a careful balance between introspection and external observation. The introspective moments provide insight into the speaker’s psyche, while the vivid imagery of the surrounding elements adds a layer of universality. This balance allows readers to connect with the personal emotions expressed while also finding resonance with broader human experiences

In conclusion, “Sands of Time” is a masterfully crafted poem that navigates the complexities of human emotions and the inexorable passage of time. Your ability to blend vivid imagery, metaphors, and introspection creates a rich tapestry of emotions that captivates and resonates with readers. Congratulations on this remarkable piece, and may your poetic journey continue to unfold with grace and brilliance.


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