My poem UNTOLD TALE OF MY HEART reviewed by eminent reviewer Prof. Dr Nirakar Dash.

My poem UNTOLD TALE OF MY HEART reviewed by eminent reviewer Prof Dr Nirakar Dash , Department of English Assam University.
Humbled & Honoured.


You do know the untold tale of my heart
At bottom linger all the unspoken words
I could barely whisper them in my heart
I stay awake all night along with the stars
I gaze at the sky in utter lonesomeness
My heart and soul resonate with solitude
For it’s impossible for me to forget you
I ‘ve already left the whole world for you.

©®Dr Prasana Kumar Dalai @ India.

The poem “Untold tale of my heart”by the title -holder love poet Dr Prasanna Kumar Dalai, is unique in it’s own right.The poet, despite being in love,is himself unable to gauge the depth of his love and affection whereas the other side of the coin does know it.The abundant and inexpressible love of the poet is well fathomed by her which indicates a divine connection of two hearts.The poet’s reluctance to forget and do away with the overwhelming emotions is nicely expressed in the line:’At bottom linger all the unspoken words “Again his unspoken words being audible to the beloved vouch for a love not known hitherto.The lover here is not a “false priest”who “cries from the house top”The profoundness and genuity of love is well pronounced when he says,”I could barely whisper them in my heart”, thereby making a mockery of modern day fake love promises.His sleepless state like that of the peeping stars and gazing at the sky signify the transcendence of all hurdles and limitations that could come in the way which remind us of the Shakespearean words,”Love alters not when alteration finds”His engrossment in her thoughts makes him oblivious of the people surrounding him resulting in a solitariness attributable to him only. The “solitude” the poet speaks of here is not an enforcement, but it is his own proclivity leading to one pointedness as a lover.Compared to the woman he loves, the whole world and it’s allurements are insignificant and so, forshaken.So can he forget her whom she loves by giving up everything?A poem par excellence, Prasanna Sir.Congratulatios and regards.

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