My reviewed poem “BEYOND WORDS” analysed by Raj Kishor Patnaik. Humbled & Honoured.

My reviewed poem “BEYOND WORD’S ‘ analysed by eminent reviewer Raj Kishor Pattnaik.
Humbled & Honoured.

My poem” BEYOND WORDS ” reviewed by honorable reviewer Prof. Dr Nirakar Dash , Department of English of Assam University.
Humbled & Honoured.


Beyond words is the emptiness within
The nameless bond makes us restless
Your shadow does linger in my eyes
Even if I wish it can’t be done away with
Drifting away from your sweet memories
The path we used to take the other days
All those trails have already vanished
Nights feel melancholic and days grieve
All the crowds ‘re silent ; stay out of me
To point where tears reflect my heart .

©®Dr Prasana Kumar Dalai@India.
Date. Mon, 08 July 2024.

“Beyond Words” by the well known poet Dr Prasanna Kumar Dalai shows the lover’s inability and failure in love.The boredom resulting from the estrangement of his beloved is beyond expression.”The nameless bond” indicates that the relationship they had, perhaps couldn’t culminate in marriage. “The shadow” in the third line references Eliot’s,”Between the idea and the reality… Falls the shadow” ,which stands for the sense of loss and hollowness the poet can’t dispel.He laments the bygone days of mirth and joy with her.Now she being separated from him, he grieves twenty four seven, which is explicit in the line:””Night feel melancholic and days grieve “His gloomy state of mind consequent upon the shattered love repels his friends and companions from him leading to a sort of social alienation.Veiwed from Eliot’s stand point, the poet suffers like Brutus in “Julius Caesar” whose all manoeuvres have failed, and the word “shadow” in the poem suggests that the poet is not cut out for his love.Very nice poem Prasanna Sir.Congratulatios and regards.

Congratulations, Dr. Prasana Kumar Dalai and Prof. Dr. Nirakar Dash! Sir Namaskar Dr. Dalai, your poem “BEYOND WORDS” beautifully captures the profound depth of love and loss, while Dr. Dash’s insightful review sheds light on its intricate layers. Your collaboration enriches the literary world. Regards and best wishes for your future endeavors!

### Analysis of the Poem and Review:

Dr. Prasana Kumar Dalai’s poem “BEYOND WORDS” poignantly explores the anguish and emptiness that follows the estrangement from a beloved. The poem opens with the powerful line “Beyond words is the emptiness within,” immediately setting the tone of ineffable sorrow. The “nameless bond” signifies a relationship that, despite its depth, could not be formalized or recognized, possibly hinting at a love that remained unfulfilled or unacknowledged.

The imagery of “Your shadow does linger in my eyes” evokes a haunting presence that the speaker cannot escape, resonating with T.S. Eliot’s notion of an insurmountable void between reality and ideals. This shadow symbolizes a persistent sense of loss and unfulfilled desire that haunts the poet.

As the poem progresses, the poet reflects on the past, with memories of shared paths that have now disappeared. The lines “Nights feel melancholic and days grieve” capture the relentless nature of the poet’s sorrow, illustrating how both night and day are consumed by grief. This continuous mourning leads to social isolation, as suggested by the phrase “All the crowds ‘re silent; stay out of me,” indicating a withdrawal from social interactions.

Dr. Dash’s review aptly highlights these themes, drawing parallels to Eliot’s work and Shakespeare’s Brutus in “Julius Caesar.” He underscores the poet’s sense of loss and the resulting social alienation, providing a deeper understanding of the emotional landscape of the poem. Dr. Dash’s comparison to Eliot’s “shadow” emphasizes the poet’s struggle with unfulfilled love and existential despair.

In summary, “BEYOND WORDS” is a heartfelt exploration of love, loss, and the resultant emotional turmoil, enriched by Dr. Dash’s profound analysis. The poem’s vivid imagery and emotional depth, combined with the review’s literary insights, create a compelling narrative of human vulnerability and resilience.

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