Never Marry a Poet
Sisters, never marry a poet,
He has no time to treat you as his baby or pet,
He has already got married to his pen,
He is the best painkiller to heal his own.

He will decorate you with his euphemism,
But his mind is always full of sarcasm,
And he will write them all in poems,
You will enjoy his love reading with rhymes.

His sugarcoating lies make you fall in love,
He will assure, ” Baby, we will fly like a dove.”,
He may call you the apple of his eye,
Don’t be trapped, it is his poetic lie.

On his table, you’ll see a Shakespearean book,
He will not have time to praise your cook,
On your bed, lies only pens and paper,
Together they live like lightning and thunder.

He will make your home a dancing hall,
You will find only satire and pun in his skull,
Hope, you will never marry a poet,
He has no time to treat you as his baby or pet.

Dr. Bhanja Kishor Rana@India
Copy Rights Reserved

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  1. Dear readers, please note that the poem ‘ Never Marry a Poet’ you’re about to enjoy is crafted for entertainment purposes. While it may touch upon serious themes, it’s best appreciated with a light-hearted perspective. So, let your imagination roam free and enjoy the journey without reading too deeply into its words. Happy reading!

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