Epistolary poem #178 By Dr. Prasana Kumar Dalai of India and Kristy Raines of The United States of America




The wild emotions of mine fly away

Shedding all their faded feathers

Me so lonely now with none beside me

Deserted are the sands of time

Old emotions fade away like blooms

My soul does write desolate thoughts

Of my mind in odd and hidden tunes

My mind filled with an aroma unknown

Gentle breeze blows caressing quietly

All the hopes the sky and waves pour

I shape them into words to give you

Passionate are tunes and words I give.


©®Dr Prasana Kumar Dalai@India.

Date.Friday,23 Dec 2023.


She still loves him after all these years…




Thoughts of you still capture my heart

like a net that traps the beautiful butterfly

Even if emotions seem to fade like wilting flowers

our love will bloom once again in the Spring

If ever you feel like I have left your side

think of the beautiful songs we have lived

and you will then remember the tune once more

When the ocean breeze gently touches your lips

and the aroma of love surrounds your thoughts

Know that I received your passionate words

as those waves rush over me on a distant shore


The sands of time will always stand still for us… <3



December 23, 2023




In the realm of English literature, the collaborative efforts of renowned poet Dr. Prasana Kumar Dalai from India and esteemed poetess Kristy Raines from the United States of America have given birth to two exquisite poems, each bearing the distinctive imprint of their poetic prowess. Let’s embark on a journey to unravel the layers of these poetic creations, exploring the thematic richness, stylistic nuances, and the unique harmony achieved in their joint endeavor.


**Poem 1: “SANDS OF TIME!” by Dr. Prasana Kumar Dalai**




Dr. Prasana Kumar Dalai opens the collaboration with a poignant exploration of time and emotion. The imagery of wild emotions shedding faded feathers conveys a sense of vulnerability and transience. The poet’s solitude is palpable as the sands of time stand deserted, symbolizing the passage of moments left unattended. The fading blooms of old emotions evoke a bittersweet nostalgia, beautifully expressed through desolate thoughts inscribed on the canvas of the soul.


The poet employs an epistolary form, addressing an unseen recipient with a lyrical introspection. The aroma unknown and the gentle breeze create an ethereal atmosphere, weaving together hopes, skies, and waves. These elements are carefully crafted into words, a gift offered passionately to the reader. The poem exudes a sense of melancholy, juxtaposed with the beauty of nature, resulting in a harmonious blend of emotion and imagery.


*Comparison with Individual Styles:*


Dr. Prasana Kumar Dalai’s signature style, marked by introspective musings and a deep connection to nature, is evident in the emotive language and vivid imagery. The collaborative effort brings forth a subtle interplay of solitude and the universal elements of sky and waves. The fusion of Dalai’s introspection with the collaborative touch adds layers of complexity to the poem.


**Poem 2: “ON A DISTANT SHORE!” by Kristy Raines**




Kristy Raines takes the baton, crafting a poem that resonates with enduring love and the passage of time. The metaphor of a net trapping a beautiful butterfly introduces the delicate nature of emotions, emphasizing their enduring quality despite the ebb and flow of time. The imagery of wilting flowers and the promise of a renewed bloom in Spring symbolize the cyclical nature of love, suggesting a timeless connection.


The poet employs a narrative tone, recounting shared experiences and the melodies of love. The ocean breeze and the aroma of love create a sensory-rich backdrop, offering a vivid portrayal of the enduring essence of their connection. The recipient of the epistle is invited to relive the shared songs, invoking the power of memory and music to bridge physical distances.


*Comparison with Individual Styles:*


Kristy Raines’ distinctive style, characterized by a narrative grace and a focus on enduring themes, seamlessly integrates with the collaborative narrative. The poem beautifully captures the essence of lasting love, a theme often found in Raines’ individual works. The collaborative touch adds a global dimension, blending Raines’ American sensibilities with the universal language of love.


**Synthesis and Harmony:**


Together, these two poems form a cohesive narrative that transcends individual styles while retaining their unique voices. The themes of time, emotion, and love resonate harmoniously, creating a collective work that is emotionally resonant and stylistically rich. The collaboration brings forth a synthesis that enriches the poetic discourse, presenting a unified front despite the geographical and stylistic differences of the contributing poets.




In the collaborative venture of Dr. Prasana Kumar Dalai and Kristy Raines, the poems “SANDS OF TIME!” and “ON A DISTANT SHORE!” stand as testaments to the power of shared creativity. The melding of their individual styles creates a tapestry of emotions and imagery that transcends borders and captures the universal essence of the human experience. Congratulations to these two distinguished poets for weaving together a poetic symphony that will undoubtedly resonate with readers across cultures and continents.



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