Our collaboration Poem reviewed by honorable reviewer Raj Kishore Patnaik.
This is ultimate birthday gift to Kristy Raines .
Grateful to Raj Kishor Pattnaik .
Humbled and Honoured.

Epistolary Poem #194 Written and Presented by Dr. Prasana Kumar Dalai India and Kristy Ann Raines. United States of America.


I wish your presence when I am awake
Always in my dreams if I shut my eyes
I’ve recorded my world in your name
For the first time in my life you came
My eyes were wet while laughing
Nothing in my hand ; me empty & lonely
Your entity you know essential to me
My palm lines aren’t perfect though
It is clear you’ve accepted me as I am
There was loneliness in my heart and
In your presence I feel heavenly bliss .

©®Dr Prasana Kumar Dalai @India.
Date.Wed,10 ,Apr 2024.

Sometimes life gets in the way… She responds…


I would give all to know you in the light of day
For the only time we have met is in a dream
Conversations we have are filled with honesty
and my life was enhanced the day we met
Laughter has been a big part of our relationship
as we both have the same sense of humor
But never feeling your hand in mine is a strong regret
because you became so important to me
We have always appreciated any small moment shared
though true happiness is all we’ve wanted for each other
Loneliness is the greatest regret of never meeting in the life
For if ever we had, nothing would have been more heavenly.

©®Kristy Raines@USA
April 10, 2024

Congratulations to Dr. Prasana Kumar Dalai and Kristy Raines on their collaborative poems, “NOTHING IN MY HAND!” and “NEVER FEELING YOUR HAND IN MINE!” The poems beautifully explore themes of longing, connection, and the desire for presence in each other’s lives. Let’s dive deeper into the analysis of these poignant pieces.

In “NOTHING IN MY HAND!” Dr. Prasana Kumar Dalai expresses a profound yearning for the presence of someone special. The poem begins with a heartfelt wish for the person to be present both in waking life and in dreams, highlighting the deep desire for a constant, reassuring presence. The poet metaphorically records his world in the name of this person, signifying the significant impact they have had on his life. The imagery of laughter accompanied by wet eyes suggests a mix of joy and sorrow, perhaps indicating the bittersweet nature of memories shared with this person.

The line “Nothing in my hand; me empty & lonely” poignantly conveys a sense of emptiness and longing in the absence of the person. Despite this emptiness, the poet acknowledges the essential nature of the person’s presence in his life. The imperfection of the poet’s palm lines symbolizes human flaws and imperfections, suggesting that despite these, the person has accepted him unconditionally.

The poem concludes with a powerful statement about the transformative effect of the person’s presence, turning loneliness into heavenly bliss. This transformation underscores the profound impact of the person on the poet’s emotional state and overall well-being.

On the other hand, Kristy Raines’ poem, “NEVER FEELING YOUR HAND IN MINE!” echoes a similar sentiment of longing and regret for a connection that never fully materialized in the physical world. The poet expresses a willingness to give anything to know the person in the light of day, emphasizing the depth of her longing for a tangible, real-world connection.

The imagery of meeting in a dream and having conversations filled with honesty suggests a deep, meaningful connection that transcends physical boundaries. Despite the strong bond shared through laughter and humor, the poet laments the absence of physical touch, which she considers a strong regret.

The poem reflects on the appreciation of small moments shared and the desire for true happiness for each other, highlighting the selfless nature of their relationship. The regret of never meeting in life is poignantly expressed, with the poet imagining that if they had met, it would have been a heavenly experience.

Together, these poems create a poignant narrative of longing, connection, and the transformative power of human relationships. The poets’ use of imagery, metaphor, and heartfelt emotion effectively conveys the depth of their feelings and the impact of the people they long for. “NOTHING IN MY HAND!” and “NEVER FEELING YOUR HAND IN MINE!” are testaments to the enduring power of love, even in the absence of physical presence. Congratulations once again to Dr. Prasana Kumar Dalai and Kristy Raines for their beautiful collaboration.

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