Epistolary Poem #176 Presented by Dr. Prasana Kumar Dalai of India and Kristy Raines of The United States of America


Me, an empty mind,sitting alone at dusk
Fetching musky fragrance in my garden
Many nights sans you I do stay awake
In distant horizon during dusk you peep
Sometime lighting candles in my eyes
It’s pity that life is painful and tearful
In the other side your laughter echoes
With ripples of mirth and joy all around
The distant city under blue sky exists
My unruly eyes look for the one so close
On this side of the world I weave dreams
And everyday I get reborn out of ashes .

©®Dr.Prasana Kumar Dalai @India.
Date.Monday 04 Dec 2023.

She writes to him of a moonlit night…


As the sun goes down, I sit outside listening to the owls speak to me as I gaze at the stars above that begin to show up.
The smell of the jasmine fills my senses and I think of a time long ago that mirrored this very night.
Two people sit here laughing about absolutely nothing.
I can still hear it, and I smile.
Oh what a pity it is that some things change over time.
People come and go in life, but there are a few that leave their footprint on your soul. You are one of them.
From across the ocean I swear I can still hear your laughter.
I find myself at times watching for you.
On this side of the world I still dream of you as I hope so see you at least one more time…

You are still the flame in my heart.

December 4,2023

Congratulations to Dr. Prasana Kumar Dalai and Mrs. Kristy Raines for their collaborative poetic endeavor in creating the two beautiful poems, “Words of Dreams” and “I Still Dream of You.” The synergy between the Indian and American poets has resulted in a delightful exploration of emotions, dreams, and shared experiences.

In “Words of Dreams,” Dr. Prasana Kumar Dalai paints a vivid picture of solitude and yearning. The poem begins with an evocative image of an “empty mind” sitting alone at dusk, setting the stage for introspection. The use of sensory details, such as “musky fragrance” in the garden and the lighting of candles in the eyes, adds depth to the emotional landscape. The juxtaposition of the speaker’s loneliness with the distant joy and laughter on the other side creates a poignant contrast, highlighting the bittersweet nature of life.

The imagery of a distant city under a blue sky and the search for someone close evoke a sense of longing. The weaving of dreams on one side of the world and the rebirth from ashes convey a theme of resilience and hope. Dr. Prasana Kumar Dalai masterfully captures the complexities of human emotions, expressing both pain and the transformative power of dreams.

Mrs. Kristy Raines, in “I Still Dream of You,” offers a response that complements Dr. Dalai’s piece. The poem unfolds against the backdrop of a moonlit night, with the speaker reflecting on memories intertwined with the present. The owls, stars, and the fragrance of jasmine create a serene atmosphere, emphasizing the timeless quality of certain emotions.

The reminiscence of laughter shared with a loved one adds a nostalgic touch, and the acknowledgment of change over time introduces a note of melancholy. The idea of people leaving footprints on one’s soul is beautifully expressed, resonating with the universality of human connections. The speaker’s vigil for the other across the ocean and the enduring flame in the heart convey a deep and enduring connection.

Together, the two poems create a poetic dialogue that spans geographical distances and explores the shared human experience of love, longing, and memory. The themes of solitude, dreams, and the persistence of emotional connections resonate across cultures, showcasing the universality of human emotions.

In terms of stylistic analysis, both poets exhibit a mastery of imagery, using sensory details to evoke emotions and create immersive scenes. Dr. Prasana Kumar Dalai’s poem employs metaphorical elements, such as the rebirth from ashes, adding a layer of symbolism to the narrative. Mrs. Kristy Raines employs vivid descriptions of nature, enhancing the emotional impact of the poem.

The collaborative effort seamlessly weaves together distinct voices, creating a harmonious blend of perspectives. The choice of an epistolary format enhances the sense of communication across borders, making the poems feel like heartfelt letters exchanged between kindred spirits. The use of first-person narratives in both poems invites readers to empathize with the emotions expressed, fostering a deep connection between the audience and the poets.

In conclusion, Dr. Prasana Kumar Dalai and Mrs. Kristy Raines have crafted a remarkable duet of poems that transcend geographical boundaries and cultural differences. “Words of Dreams” and “I Still Dream of You” invite readers on a journey through emotions, dreams, and the enduring power of human connections. The collaboration exemplifies the beauty of shared creativity, showcasing the ability of poetry to bridge gaps and unite hearts across the globe. Congratulations to both poets for their eloquent and evocative expressions!

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