Our Poem reviewed by honorable reviewer Raj Kishore Patnaik.Humbled & Honoured.

Our poem reviewed by honorable reviewer Raj Kishore Patnaik.
Humbled and Honoured.

Epistolary Poem #199 Presented by Dr. Prasana Kumar Dalai of India and Kristy Raines of The United States of America


I can’t understand pain of my heart
It’s already covered under an illusion
You can hardly ever see ,think or know
Lost its way, a great fool the heart is
Flying on the wings of dark clouds
It’s going where it’s not meant to be
Lost in the path it can conquer all odds
And breakthrough all the castles of life
It tosses the heart around now and then
It does accept every grief with a smile
For an illusion is my heart and it’s a fool.

©®Dr Prasana Kumar Dalai @India.
Date.Wed,08 May 2024

She knows his heart is tender… and she speaks


I understand the pain in your heart
for an expert I am in your plight
You can try to stuff down the heartache
but it will emerge in other ways
One day it may come out as anger
or it can take you into the darkness
But for a man, it is sometimes harder
For some think to show tears is a weakness
So you smile as if you are not suffering inside
But I will tell you something you should know…
A woman does not see weakness in the tears of a man
only the pain that his heart longs to let go of
And the strength in showing your emotions
is what I will love you for the most. <3

©®Kristy Raines@USA
May 8,, 2024

Congratulations to Dr. Prasana Kumar Dalai and Mrs. Kristy Raines on their collaborative poems, 'Under an Illusion!' and 'An Expert I Am in Your Plight!' These poems beautifully intertwine themes of pain, illusion, understanding, and empathy, showcasing the depth of emotions that connect us all, regardless of geographical boundaries.

In 'Under an Illusion!,' Dr. Dalai dives into the complexities of the heart, portraying it as a fool lost in an illusion, unable to comprehend its own pain. The imagery of the heart flying on dark clouds, going where it's not meant to be, reflects a sense of wandering and confusion. Despite this, the heart accepts every grief with a smile, indicating resilience and a willingness to embrace life's challenges. The poem's structure, with its short, impactful lines, mirrors the erratic nature of emotions, adding depth to the overall theme.

On the other hand, Mrs. Raines' 'An Expert I Am in Your Plight!' delves into the understanding and empathy one can have for another's pain. The poem highlights the idea that suppressing heartache can lead to other emotional expressions, such as anger or darkness. The portrayal of men feeling pressure to hide their tears as a sign of weakness is poignant, emphasizing the societal expectations that often burden individuals. However, the poem also celebrates the strength found in vulnerability, particularly noting that a woman sees the tears of a man not as weakness but as a release of pent-up pain.

Together, these poems create a powerful narrative of human emotions, showcasing the intricacies of pain, illusion, and empathy. They remind us of the universal experiences we share and the importance of understanding and compassion in navigating life's challenges. Dr. Dalai's imagery-rich verses complement Mrs. Raines' empathetic portrayal, creating a harmonious blend of perspectives that resonate deeply with readers.

Overall, 'Under an Illusion!' and 'An Expert I Am in Your Plight!' stand as testament to the collaborative prowess of Dr. Prasana Kumar Dalai and Mrs. Kristy Raines, demonstrating their ability to weave together diverse themes and emotions into a seamless tapestry of poetry. Congratulations once again on this remarkable collaboration!

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