Our women (Darsan)

Every women in india
Must aspire to be like
Savitri, the daughter of king Aswapati, whose love could not be conquered by death, and who through this tremendous love snatched back from even yama, the soul of her husband.

Savitri, which is the name of a sacreed prayer of the Hindus.
When Savitri grew old
Enough,her father asked her to choose a husband for herself.

Savitri consented and travelled in distant regions, mounted in golden chariot, with her guards and aged courtiers to whom her father entrusted her,
Stopping at different
Attitude and seeing different princes, but not one of them could win the heart of savitri.
Savitri was the daughter of king Aswapati. She was very beautiful and virtuous. She married Satyaban, the son of Dyumatsen, who was exilled from his king dom. He was wise and heroic.

Sabitri came to know from Narad maharsi that her husband would pass away within a year. She found out later her husband’sdeath would take place on the fourth day thereafter. She obserbed fast for the three nights.
She accompanied satyaban to the forest.
Yama came to take away his life. But Sabitri fought with yama and brought her husband back through the force of her chesity.
So our women be pure like savitri.

Astrologer –

Sj. Jagannath Das





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