while ignorance is bliss,
it is folly to be wise

if you do not go to the station at the right time,
the train ,you will miss.

Rome was not built in one a day
large ocean seen
many a drop makes..

take care of the pence,
pounds will take care of
them selves….

All work and noplay makes jack a dull boy.
be a jack of all master of one.
slow and steady wins the race….

look before you leap.
Haste makes waste.
what do you do,do it well
man porpuses,God disposes….

Do unto others as you would be done by.
kinds words are better than coronets….

Take time by the foreclock
make hay while the sun shines…

a soft answer truneth away wrath.
failures are stepping stone to success…

utility is strength,Fortune favours the brave.
it is attraction of the
Sj.jagannath Das

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