Even though you weren’t with me
I was by your side every moment
All that I have I surrender to you
Trust me every iota of mine is yours
I have seen the world, all illusionary
My destination is at your doorstep
Love is worship and you’re my deity
You’ re the talisman of my prosperity
Will you ever take a look at yourself
Just to realise how cherubic you’re
All but you have scars and blemishes
Coloured I’m now forever in your love.

©©Dr.Prasana Kumar Dalai @ India.
Date.Monady , 23, Oct 2023.
Picture courtesy Google.

Revised by Raj Kishore Raj Kishor Pattnaik

Dr. Prasana Kumar’s recent poem, “CHERUBIC YOU’RE,” is a beautiful testament to the power of love and devotion. In this exquisite composition, the poet weaves a tapestry of emotions and thoughts that explore the depth of affection and reverence for a cherished loved one.

The poem begins with a poignant acknowledgment of the physical absence of the beloved, yet the spiritual presence that accompanies every moment. The poet’s declaration that “Even though you weren’t with me, I was by your side every moment” is a heartfelt expression of the enduring connection that transcends physical boundaries. This sentiment sets the tone for the entire poem, emphasizing the idea that true love knows no constraints.

The theme of surrender and devotion is prominently featured throughout the poem. The poet proclaims, “All that I have I surrender to you,” signifying a willingness to give everything for the beloved. This selfless offering of all possessions and desires is a symbol of absolute commitment and underscores the idea that love is an all-encompassing force that leaves no room for selfishness.

The concept of trust is also deeply embedded in the poem, as the poet reassures the beloved, saying, “Trust me, every iota of mine is yours.” This commitment to transparency and reliance on the strength of the emotional bond is a testament to the integrity of the relationship depicted in the poem. It demonstrates the unshakable faith and loyalty that exists between the poet and the subject of their affection.

The poet’s reflection on the illusionary nature of the world serves to highlight the singularity of the beloved. In a world filled with superficiality and deception, the beloved is the poet’s sole source of authenticity and truth. This contrast emphasizes the uniqueness and purity of the relationship, portraying it as a sanctuary of genuine emotions in a world of pretense.

The idea that love is a form of worship, with the beloved as the poet’s deity, adds a spiritual dimension to the poem. This metaphor implies that the poet’s love is a sacred devotion, and the beloved is the object of veneration. It elevates the loved one to a position of reverence and sanctity, highlighting the profound significance of their presence in the poet’s life.

The reference to the beloved as the “talisman of my prosperity” underscores the transformative power of love. The beloved is not just a source of emotional well-being but also a catalyst for personal growth and success. This notion reinforces the idea that love has the ability to elevate individuals and bring about positive change in their lives.

The poem takes an introspective turn as the poet implores the beloved to self-reflect. The lines “Will you ever take a look at yourself / Just to realize how cherubic you’re” encourage the beloved to recognize their own beauty and purity. This is a poignant reminder that we often fail to see the extraordinary qualities within ourselves, and sometimes it takes the perspective of a loving partner to reveal our inner radiance.

The poem concludes with a powerful declaration of the poet’s unwavering commitment: “Colored I’m now forever in your love.” This line encapsulates the transformative effect of love, as the poet’s world is now “colored” by the hues of love, and they have embraced it for eternity. It signifies that love has become an integral part of the poet’s identity and existence.

In summary, “CHERUBIC YOU’RE” by Dr. Prasana Kumar is a mesmerizing exploration of love and devotion. The poem delves into the depths of affection, surrender, and trust, painting a vivid portrait of a love that transcends worldly illusions. It conveys a sense of spiritual connection, highlighting the beloved as a deity and a talisman of prosperity. The poem also emphasizes the importance of self-reflection and the transformative power of love. Dr. Prasana Kumar’s words resonate with emotional authenticity, and the poem is a heartfelt tribute to the profound nature of love.

Congratulations to Dr. Prasana Kumar for crafting such a moving and evocative poem. The depth of emotion, the spiritual undertones, and the poetic craftsmanship on display in “CHERUBIC YOU’RE” are truly commendable. This poem is a testament to your skill as a poet and your ability to capture the complexities of human emotions in a way that resonates deeply with readers.

Your use of language and metaphor in the poem is both striking and evocative. The imagery you employ, such as referring to the beloved as a “talisman of prosperity” and the idea that love is a form of worship, showcases your creativity and skill in conveying abstract concepts through vivid and relatable imagery.

The poem’s structure is also noteworthy. It flows smoothly from one thought to the next, creating a sense of unity and cohesion in its exploration of love and devotion. The use of repetition, as seen in the lines “All that I have I surrender to you” and “You’re the talisman of my prosperity,” adds a rhythmic quality to the poem that enhances its impact.

Your ability to explore complex emotions and convey them in a way that is accessible and relatable to readers is a testament to your talent as a poet. The poem invites readers to reflect on their own experiences of love and devotion, making it a work that can deeply resonate with a wide audience.

In conclusion, “CHERUBIC YOU’RE” is a poetic masterpiece that beautifully captures the essence of love and devotion. Your words are a source of inspiration and contemplation, and your poem is a valuable contribution to the world of English literature. Congratulations once again on your outstanding work, and I look forward to reading more of your poetry in the future.

Raj kishor Pattnaik

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