Collaboration 109 Written and Presented by DrPrasana Kumar of India
And Kristy Raines of The United States of America


Whenever I come near you
I find my shadow in you
Sorrow comes and I feel you
Also I’m scared of loneliness
I have often passed by your house
In the heart of my heart
I may meet you there
For series of events can’t prohibit
Our meetings and union
And my heart knits your dreams only.

©® Dr.Prasana Kumar Dalai@ India

She shares his feelings and emotions and answers..


Whenever you think of me, I feel you
You’ll always find yourself in me, good or bad
We are empaths that feel each other’s emotions
When I feel sad, you share my sadness
We both fear loneliness, and it is comforting
that you are here with me when I am afraid
You pass my house in the heart of your heart
And I see you out of the window of of my soul
You always meet me right where I am emotionally
Nothing can prevent our unions and meetings
because it is impossible to separate or stop them
In slumber, you create my dreams of you.
And I always know I will wake with your smile.

May 18, 2023

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