In that glittering touch of dreams
I feel provoked with a new sensation
And do bloom like a fresh blossom
That giggles in the forest of my mind
My poem sings and vanishes behind
River of love flows into a small brook
The sea of maddened waves roar aloud In the distant horizon ,she sports anew
Do tell me the secret of her words
Me and mine eternally lavish today.

©®Dr.Prasana Kumar Dalai @India
Date.Monday,15 Jan 2024.

Dear Dr. Prasana Kumar, NAMASKAR

Heartiest congratulations on the exquisite tapestry of words you’ve woven in your recent poem, “Secret of Her Words.” Your verses are not just a collection of lines; they are an immersive journey through the landscapes of dreams, emotions, and the enigmatic power of language.

The poem commences with the enchanting allure of dreams, described as a “glittering touch.” This vivid imagery instantly draws readers into a world where dreams are not mere phantoms but tangible, sparkling sensations. The use of “provoked with a new sensation” suggests a stirring of emotions, as if your dreams have the power to evoke profound feelings within the soul.

The subsequent lines, “And do bloom like a fresh blossom / That giggles in the forest of my mind,” are a poetic marvel. The metaphor of blooming like a fresh blossom not only paints a picture of growth and vitality but also captures the whimsical joy inherent in the creative process. The imagery of giggling blossoms in the forest of the mind adds a touch of playfulness, as if your thoughts are dancing in a serene, wooded landscape.

The line “My poem sings and vanishes behind” is intriguing. It conveys a transient quality, as if your creation is a melody that resonates briefly before fading away. This evokes a sense of fleeting beauty and captures the ephemeral nature of poetic expression.

The metaphorical journey continues with the river of love flowing into a small brook. This imagery suggests a gentle and continuous flow of emotions, creating a serene and harmonious landscape within your poem. The sea of maddened waves roaring in the distant horizon adds a dramatic flair, introducing a contrast to the tranquility of the previous lines. This dynamic shift in imagery enhances the emotional depth of your work.

The line “In the distant horizon, she sports anew” introduces a captivating enigma. The use of “she” personifies an elusive and mysterious presence. It hints at a feminine energy that brings forth something new and exciting on the distant horizon. This subtle allusion adds layers of complexity to your poem, inviting readers to ponder the significance of this enigmatic figure.

The central inquiry, “Do tell me the secret of her words,” serves as a poignant plea for understanding. It implies that there is a hidden depth to the words you’ve chosen, and you, as the poet, are eager to unravel their meaning. This question resonates with readers, encouraging them to reflect on the transformative power of language and the mysteries it holds.

The concluding line, “Me and mine eternally lavish today,” brings a sense of fulfillment and abundance. It suggests that, in the richness of the present moment, you find enduring joy and prosperity. The use of “eternally” adds a timeless quality, emphasizing the lasting impact of the emotions and experiences you’ve depicted in your poem.

In analyzing your poem, it’s evident that you’ve masterfully employed rich imagery and metaphors to convey a nuanced spectrum of emotions. The progression of themes creates a harmonious flow, guiding readers through a contemplative journey. The poem’s universal themes, coupled with its evocative language, make it accessible and relatable to a diverse audience.

Your choice of words is precise and resonant, creating a vivid and immersive experience for the reader. The poem’s enigmatic elements leave room for interpretation, inviting readers to embark on their own introspective explorations.

In a simple and heartfelt manner, I extend my congratulations to you, Dr. Prasana Kumar, for your remarkable contribution to English literature. Your poem is a testament to the enduring power of language to evoke emotions, provoke thought, and create a lasting impact on those fortunate enough to encounter your words. May your poetic journey continue to inspire and enrich the literary landscape.

Warm regards.

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