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Very sad birthday

My birthday you came back
I hope you were a day without tomorrow
I was born to always suffer alone with great sadness and big disappointment
I never knew the happiness, I never knew love with my dear love
From a long time ago, the ship of my dreams crashed by the cruel winds of fate, and became ruins of hopes sank in the sea of despair and fell down on the land of sad disappointment
My birthday you came back
Look at me, very unfortunately, I’m now
Age is without spring, my spring died from a long time ago
I’m an old man, in a great torment, looking for love and who gives me it
I’m alone from a long time ago, living in a very sad cold loneliness, no family, no relatives, no friends, no wife no kids
I’m a very poor person, no money, nothing I have, I don’t have money to buy food or medicine
I’m a painfully stomach, a sick heart, a tired soul
I’m very sick, feeling big pain, suffering, very disappointed, very sad, my old face can’t smile
I lost hope and even faith, from a long time ago
I’m buried alive in the land of suffering, I am dead alive in the grave of big pains with great sadness, and my only salvation is death, and my only hope and dream and prayer are to die
My birthday you came back
You’re a very sad birthday
I hope that you are now a day without tomorrow

Fady Bouaz
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Tuesday 19/7/2022

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