You’re Mine & I’m Never Letting You Go,

Because You’re My Special And Favorite Person,

Don’t Ever Tell Me “You’re Bad For Me”

Or “I Deserve Someone Better”

Because No One Can Make Me

Happy As You Do,

I Promise I Won’t Lie To You,

I Won’t Ever Make You Sad,

I Know I Fight With You,

I May Have acted Worse

But I Can Never Stop Caring Or Loving You

Because You’re Always Mine.

I don’t want anyone else; I just want you.

I don’t care about others; I know I can never have someone like you in my life.

If I have ever made you sad,

Please accept my sincere apologies.

I promise that I will never make you angry;

I will irritate you; but I will never make you cry.

That’s how much I value you.

I adore you a lot.

I like you so much.

I need you as like as Earth need Sun.

I love you as like as Horse love to Run.

I make you happy as the way Rains make Kishan.

I can die for you as the way Soldiers do for their Jahan.

Because I love you as the way no another one can do.


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