I Have Changed

I’m aware that I’ve changed,

But I had no choice.

Life required that I adapt.

I saw myself pursuing the path of gratifying

Others at the expense of disappointing   myself and ignoring my own heart.

I knew I’d wind up with too little joy

And too much regret if I didn’t pivot.

So that’s what I did.

I thought to myself, “What do I want?”

What I require.

What would bring me joy.

What would fill my heart with joy?

And the answers to these questions

Created a completely new version of myself.

Many people didn’t recognise it,

And it made them uneasy.

But that’s because I wasn’t serving them first anymore.

I no longer prioritised their demands over myself.

As a result, I let certain folks go.

I said goodbyes and continued on my way.

And somewhere along the way,

I began to recognise myself.

See me. Take my place.

So, yes, I’ve evolved.

Finally, I’ve transformed into my true self.

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