I Have Changed

I’m aware that I’ve changed,

But I had no choice.

Life required that I adapt.

I saw myself pursuing the path of gratifying

Others at the expense of disappointing   myself and ignoring my own heart.

I knew I’d wind up with too little joy

And too much regret if I didn’t pivot.

So that’s what I did.

I thought to myself, “What do I want?”

What I require.

What would bring me joy.

What would fill my heart with joy?

And the answers to these questions

Created a completely new version of myself.

Many people didn’t recognise it,

And it made them uneasy.

But that’s because I wasn’t serving them first anymore.

I no longer prioritised their demands over myself.

As a result, I let certain folks go.

I said goodbyes and continued on my way.

And somewhere along the way,

I began to recognise myself.

See me. Take my place.

So, yes, I’ve evolved.

Finally, I’ve transformed into my true self.

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Pick You As My Life

Why did my heart pick you?

Not hopeless, but careless

As a result, you continue to draw me into your horrible romance. Why did my heart pick you?

rather than give anyone else a chance?


You can’t be a man.

You jolted me awake.

without thinking about watering my tree

And how could it be otherwise?


That you would go to such lengths to pretend to adore me.

As long as there is a fairytale in it.

Reality will keep my memory alive.

There’s comfort in lying, and I don’t want to invalidate those magical times.


My loves are packed with poison, but they continue to grow.

And as I’m looking for alternative options, the waves start crashing instead of flowing.

Discredit my heart for all the work she’s done, Because it’s all been for naught.

And how could you give me so much anguish if you’re not the best?

It burns, the scar of your love etched from the outside in.


It must be a shame for you to have such a stronghold on me.

Why did my heart pick you?

Someone who will not return the favour.

You don’t want to grow too tied to a sacred love.

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