I Have Changed

I’m aware that I’ve changed,

But I had no choice.

Life required that I adapt.

I saw myself pursuing the path of gratifying

Others at the expense of disappointing   myself and ignoring my own heart.

I knew I’d wind up with too little joy

And too much regret if I didn’t pivot.

So that’s what I did.

I thought to myself, “What do I want?”

What I require.

What would bring me joy.

What would fill my heart with joy?

And the answers to these questions

Created a completely new version of myself.

Many people didn’t recognise it,

And it made them uneasy.

But that’s because I wasn’t serving them first anymore.

I no longer prioritised their demands over myself.

As a result, I let certain folks go.

I said goodbyes and continued on my way.

And somewhere along the way,

I began to recognise myself.

See me. Take my place.

So, yes, I’ve evolved.

Finally, I’ve transformed into my true self.

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Dear Best Friend Free Access

Dear Best Friend

We’ve been best friends for a long time,

and I’m so glad and blessed to be able to name you my best friend.

You’ve always been there for me,

and you’ve never left my side.

You’re such a wonderful and beautiful person,

and anyone would be lucky to have you.

You’re like my other half,

and my life wouldn’t be complete without you as my best friend !

I can’t wait to watch you grow up and become successful ,

as well as see you marry !

I know this is getting a little long,

so I’ll stop here, but know that I’m very grateful to have

such a gorgeous and fantastic BFF as you!

Girl, I adore you to death! 

Every day, I appreciate God for allowing you into my life!!

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