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Dear Best Friend

We’ve been best friends for a long time,

and I’m so glad and blessed to be able to name you my best friend.

You’ve always been there for me,

and you’ve never left my side.

You’re such a wonderful and beautiful person,

and anyone would be lucky to have you.

You’re like my other half,

and my life wouldn’t be complete without you as my best friend !

I can’t wait to watch you grow up and become successful ,

as well as see you marry !

I know this is getting a little long,

so I’ll stop here, but know that I’m very grateful to have

such a gorgeous and fantastic BFF as you!

Girl, I adore you to death! 

Every day, I appreciate God for allowing you into my life!!

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You Are Only Mine Free Access

You Are Only Mine


You’re Mine & I’m Not Ever Letting Go,

Because you’re my special and favorite person,

Don’t ever tell me “You’re bad for me” or “I deserve someone better”

Because no one can make me as happy as you do,

I promise , I won’t lie to you,

I promise I won’t ever make you sad,

I know we fight, I may have acted worse,

But I can never stop caring or loving you

because you mean a lot to me from the day we meet

You’ve made me laugh, you’ve made me smile!

I don’t want anybody else; I only want you,

I don’t care about others; I know I’ll never find someone like you in my life;

If I’ve ever made you unhappy, please accept my apologies;

I will never make you furious;

I will irritate you; it’s my birthright,

But I promise I will never make you cry.

I love you 

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I concede To My Love


 I concede To My Love


I’m not sure where you’re fleeing to.

When I see you already;

I’ve known you since the beginning.

I’ve always known your heart

And I recognise it all in you.

You leave and then come back.

I give in, and we begin.

I’ll always want, miss, and love you.

If only you’d allow me in.

I can’t get out of it.

I simply keep picking you.

We go around in circles;

You’ve returned.

And I concede.

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