True love of sabitri

Sabitri is the ideal of the indian Nation. Especially our women
Worship savitri. The height of women’s ambition is to be like sabitri, the pure, the devoted, the all suffering! When you study this charecters, you can at once find out how different is the ideal of india from that of the west. For the race, sabitri stands as the ideal of suffering. The west says Do show your powerby doing,
India says show your power by suffering,

Every women in india must aspire to be like
Savitri, whose love could not be conqured by death, and who through this tremendous love snatched back from even jama, the soul of her husband.

Love has conquered death!women never loved like thee, and thou art the proof that even i, the god of death, am powerless against the power of the true love.



End *************&&&
Astrologer –
Sj. Jagannath Das

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